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Inked with Love

light in my veins (poem)


open roads
light in my veins
breathe you in
memory strains
faults in the earth
wind woven clouds
sparks in my heart
unspoken aloud

dear (poem)


Your voice is the music my heart
can no longer hear,
though I heard that the songbirds paused
to give you their ear,
and I know that I promised once
I would hold you near—
I tried, my brother, I tried
and still hold you dear.

beating heart (poem)


wings beat blindly
under my skin
where my rib cage captures
their soaring within
don’t let me fly
away from your heart
you gave it to me
it bleeds in the dark

rather burn (poem)


burning air within my heart
a fire breathing all my air
eating all my oxygen
whenever you are near
the flames are hot, and I can’t bear
to let you go, I hold you near
I’d rather hold you than to breathe
rather burn than ever leave

dance our war (poem)


we conquered cities
we stomped our feet
danced our war
to every beat
of our twin hearts
and no retreat
cry, my love
the taste is sweet

burden (poem)


we are tired
of the heavy places,
the deep tirades,
required graces,
every word
you ever spoke
from the day
my eyes awoke

where I’ve been (poem)


tell me where I’ve been
I’ve been hiding out for a while
hiding in the bottom
of my quiet, shivering heart
tell me what to say
what you will believe
I promise nothing but
an ever tighter weave

running like a mind (poem)


there’s water under the bridge
it’s running like a mind
ahead of the briar thorns
of memory in my spine
there’s water under the bridge
it’s drowning like a lie
beneath relentless truth
when nothing left can hide

May (poem)


I am grateful for the sun
It may be hot, but I am warm

I am grateful for the wind
It may be cold, but I can breathe

I am grateful for my friends
They may tease, but I am loved

I am grateful for the day
I may be tired, but I’m alive

Adoption (poem)


Heaven would be ours
should we know our powers,
for heaven is within
and to the Lord we’re kin
if we take His name,
let His adoption claim
change the name we hold
into His like and mold.