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Lyric Poetry – Inked with Love

Inked with Love

To Conquer Fear (poem)


This is the year to conquer fear
To face the light with steady sight
To year and desire with burning fire
To stake firm claim upon your name
To hold to hope like knot to a rope
To rise in song, so bold, so strong

as gravity (poem)


as the fire is warm
as the ocean is deep
as its churn and its cold
through trenches too steep
I can’t breathe in the ice
in the fog of my breath
in the steam of your touch
awake me from death
as the gravity dark
starts crushing my heart
I fall into you
let the universe start

escape (poem)


Words do not escape my brain
You blame me for it, and I say
Less and less; the years roll on
Swallow whispers, then they’re gone

light in my veins (poem)


open roads
light in my veins
breathe you in
memory strains
faults in the earth
wind woven clouds
sparks in my heart
unspoken aloud

pass the pain (poem)


pass the pain from my soul
like rocks in the river water, harsh and white
through narrow canyon walls
too high to climb

dear (poem)


Your voice is the music my heart
can no longer hear,
though I heard that the songbirds paused
to give you their ear,
and I know that I promised once
I would hold you near—
I tried, my brother, I tried
and still hold you dear.

beating heart (poem)


wings beat blindly
under my skin
where my rib cage captures
their soaring within
don’t let me fly
away from your heart
you gave it to me
it bleeds in the dark

rather burn (poem)


burning air within my heart
a fire breathing all my air
eating all my oxygen
whenever you are near
the flames are hot, and I can’t bear
to let you go, I hold you near
I’d rather hold you than to breathe
rather burn than ever leave

Brand New Year (poem)


Good morning to a brand new year
Welcome hope and let go fear
‘Round and ’round the bend we go
Anticipating the unknown

tiptoes (poem)


dancing on my tiptoes
to the edge of some horizon
spilling into heaven
imagination’s flight