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Inspirational Poetry – Inked with Love

Inked with Love

To Conquer Fear (poem)


This is the year to conquer fear
To face the light with steady sight
To year and desire with burning fire
To stake firm claim upon your name
To hold to hope like knot to a rope
To rise in song, so bold, so strong

May (poem)


I am grateful for the sun
It may be hot, but I am warm

I am grateful for the wind
It may be cold, but I can breathe

I am grateful for my friends
They may tease, but I am loved

I am grateful for the day
I may be tired, but I’m alive

Prayer 010. Remind Me (poem)


Today, remind me who to be
A child of God in everything
To hold to You, O Lord, and cling
To the love of Christ in me

Heartbeat (poem)


There’s a song in my heart
O the mercies I chart
In the soul of my God
In the depths of His love

When anxiety frays
My peace and it sways
My soul from its course
I command, Light, come forth!

For the power of Christ
Is the song of my life
It is pounding in me
The true heartbeat of me

Adoption (poem)


Heaven would be ours
should we know our powers,
for heaven is within
and to the Lord we’re kin
if we take His name,
let His adoption claim
change the name we hold
into His like and mold.